Our Work

Here is a small sample of the work we have delivered for our own brand. It’s not just creativity for creativity’s sake – it’s creativity with purpose and for results.

Saying thank you in a unique way

Each year we create a unique Tangibility Christmas gift as a thank you to the amazing people we work with.
But there is more to this story – find out how we engaged our audience and put the choice in their hands.

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A gift for the team who’ve seen it all!

What do you gift a team constantly surrounded by incredible products? Well, it needs to be something a bit different, but practical with the ability to stand out on a desk cluttered with samples…

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Starting a conversation!

At Tangibility we are all about conversations – having them and creating them! We love the idea of being the connector and giving people a little nudge. But how?

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Tangi boxes but mini

In a world where confectionery often comes in standard polybags, we were excited to unleash some creativity. What makes our mini jelly bean boxes even sweeter?

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Turning umbrellas upside down

It should come as no surprise that we love to do things differently and that we aren’t afraid to tweak a classic design! What sets our umbrellas apart?

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Taking the everyday to the next level

Let’s take a moment to consider the humble tea towel. It’s a simple, everyday item, but what if we told you that it can be more than just a piece of fabric?

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Stir up a conversation… with a straw

At Tangibility we’re all about turning everyday items into powerful conversation starters. We decided to prove that point with a twist – straws!

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Bringing power to your brand

Our mission was simple: to leave a lasting impression. We used custom wireless chargers to orchestrate an unforgettable introduction.

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Sharing the love!

We thrive on creating unforgettable moments that deliver the ultimate WOW factor! What better day to show our appreciation than on Valentine’s Day?

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Switching Seasons

‘Tis the season to be jolly, or so the saying goes. But in the midst of the holiday rush, standing out can be a challenge. Why we embraced the coziness of Christmas in July?

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‘Popping’ in with a ‘corny’ pun

We decided to add a little flavour to our unexpected “pop-ins.” Our goal was simple: spark a positive reaction. Plus, we had a sneaky strategy up our sleeves…

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Doing that little bit extra

At Tangibility, we pride ourselves on ‘doing that little bit extra’. When looking for a way to communicate this outlook, we came up with the idea to take an everyday item and make it just that…

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Making lunch more sustainable

The world of merchandise is evolving, with more and more people turning to reusable products. but we wanted to take it a step further…

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Amaze with merchandise

Our mission is to break the mould of conventional corporate gifts. strategic merchandise can create engaging experience and lasting memories…

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Like what you see?

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