Bringing power to your brand

What better way to showcase a message of connection, spark, and innovation for your brand than with a wireless charger, right?

Our mission was simple yet bold: to leave a lasting impression. We decided to ditch the stock standard, off-the-shelf options and dive headfirst into the world of complete customisation. From the wireless charger’s unique design and lightning-fast charge technology to those charming little orange boxes, we left no stone unturned.

But here’s the twist – we decided to go undercover and send them incognito. These wireless chargers were discreetly packed in elegant gloss black bags with delicate tissue paper. No Tangibility branding on the outside – just plain labels on mysterious black bags. We wanted to keep the mystery alive until they were unwrapped.

Our goal was to build anticipation, ignite curiosity and orchestrate an unforgettable introduction that would naturally ‘spark’ a conversation and they did.