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Collating orders from multiple people, be they colleagues, contractors, clients or stakeholders, is a time consuming and painful task.
For example: Providing staff a shirt for a project milestone or an event involves collating all the names, sizes, or other information – a task that consumes significant administration time and often brings frustration in the process. In keeping with our goal to make your job easier, we built some software that does all the work for you. Giving you complete control and all the information you need at your fingertips – without spending more than 5 minutes on it.
It’s called the Order Management Portal (OMP) - an innovative web portal that makes compiling company-wide orders a much easier and more efficient process. Not only does it save a huge amount of time, it reduces waste and cuts expenditure as well.
Contact us to find out how it could save you time and money. And in case you were wondering, it’s free to use.

We are improving the ordering process to be easy, efficient and enjoyable

Is it time to take your current merchandise range to the next level? An online ordering system customised to your brand and specific business objectives will bring many benefits.
Anywhere, anytime. Orders can be placed by different teams, in different locations, delivered in shorter timeframes.
Consolidate the brand style and provide a consistent approach to all merchandise available.
Cost sharing, analytics and feedback provided on high turnover and slow moving products. Making it easy for the team to order next week’s merchandise.
Provides greater scope for creativity and potential economies of scale typically not possible with smaller ordering patterns.

Talk to your account manager for more details or a virtual demonstration of our system. Contact us.

Make your merchandise range work for you

Customise an online ordering system to suit your brand and business objectives

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