Innovative New Umbrella

10 Aug

Battling this crazy Perth weather?
Records are being broken with coldest mornings and wettest start to August since 1945!

This is the umbrella of the future with an innovative new design which enables the wet canopy to close inwards keeping the wet outer layer contained. The unique opening method also makes it easy to get in and out of your car in the rain.
We love to do things differently, because different is better.

We are giving away 48 of these new umbrellas to anyone in Perth who shares our post on linkedin, so be sure to tell your friends.

2 thoughts on “Innovative New Umbrella

  1. Other than pens, what is the best take away branding item for a conference? We have a stand at the GP18 conference on the Gold Coast for General Practitioners. We usually give away, Branded Pens that include a torch and stylus, FY Branded Calendars, Reusable Branded Bags and Branded Mini Note Books.
    Do you have any updated suggestions?

    1. Hi Jenny,
      Thanks for the comment and question. Can understand why you would like to move away from pens and torches – they’re pretty common and leaves your brand competing with 10, 20 or 50 other companies also handing out pens and torches!
      Below are some options we thought of:
      Connector Cables – to charge multiple devices. Very useful and very appreciated. Come packaged really well with great ability to communicate more than just your logo.
      Takeaway Coffee Cups – given the move to sustainability and reusable items these are a valued item
      Powerbanks – for charging phones and devices on the run. Gets your brand in front of the GP’s when they’re not at their desk
      Phone Holders that attach to the back of phones – very useful, particularly for the younger GP’s who are actively using their devices
      Wireless Chargers – charge phones without the need for a cable to be plugged into the phone. New and innovative idea that is very convenient for users.

      Let us know your thoughts on these ideas and if you would like any further ideas or options.


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