01 Dec

Seasons Greetings!

So how many differences did you find? A total of 6 changes were made to the original Toblerone packaging.
1. The mountain has been replaced with a Christmas tree.
2. The bear has been replaced with a Kangaroo.
3. “Seasons greetings!” has been added.
4. Two arrows pointing up now point down.
5. “Of Switzerland” has been replaced with “Of Perth”.
6. Lastly and most obviously, the brand is Tangibility instead of Toblerone.

We hope you have seen a difference this year, a year filled with progress and success.
Enjoy the holidays and a little chocolate from Switzerland!

One thought on “Chocolate

  1. Such an innovative idea – thinking outside the box (or triangle) – well done and will no doubt spawn a new wave of products.

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