Our History

Tangibility was founded with a strong commitment to raise the bar in the Promotional Marketing industry. Since launching in 2002, Tangibility has had the privilege of working with some of Australia’s and the world’s most recognised and valued brands. To those companies we represent the passion, creativity and obsession for perfection that are the pillars of our operation.

Our Primary Goal: To make our clients as successful as possible by delivering a higher return on their marketing investment. 
Our Primary Functions: Building brands and improving clients’ business results.

Too many marketing budgets are poorly utilised, if not wasted, in a last minute attempt to find an item that can be branded from one of the 25 catalogues lying around the office! Successful exhibitions, campaigns and launches with an impressive return on investment are the result of time and strategic creative thinking. Selecting merchandise which is a) appropriate for the target demographic, b) supports the primary message being communicated, and c) enhances the brand, is essential to improving your business results.

If you relish a little creativity and value the integrity of your company’s brand then you are the type of person we love to work with! Tangibility will partner with you, and by sharing your vision, assist in growing your brand.
To experience our passion and creativity contact us

p: +61 8 9316 4666
e: create@tangibility.com.au