Benefits of Merchandise

If you've ever been given a promotional item, you know how much pleasure people experience when receiving an unexpected gift.  This is the theory behind promotional marketing.  When you let your customers know you appreciate their business, your company benefits in many different ways.  

First and foremost, you develop customer loyalty.  How many times have you remembered a simple gesture such as someone holding open the door, or saying thank you?  Promotional products act as a 'thank you' to your customers and clients.  Many people feel 'in debt' to the giver and compelled to thank them by being loyal.  Now that's the result you want - loyal clients who seek your support, your advice and your products!

Secondly, promotional products offer brand recognition for your products and services.  When you give someone a useful gift such as a key chain or coffee mug you increase the odds that they will use it every day.  For many consumer products the only difference between the most popular items, and every other brand, is name recognition. In this competitive market it's crucial to do everything possible to keep your brand at the front of your client's mind.

Why do Promotional Products and Corporate Gifts work? 

Simply, there is a tremendous trophy value behind giving a top performer or valued client an item they have dreamed of owning!  Cash rewards do not have the same long-term effect, offering only a fleeting memory of the giver before it is used to pay household bills, put petrol in the car or buy groceries!  But a gift is tangible.  A gift is permanent and the perceived value is higher.