We’ve heard you! Your frustrations have reached us.
Collating orders from multiple people is a time consuming and painful task. Whether you’re giving each staff member a shirt for a project or event (eg the City to Surf) or sending a gift, collating orders often brings significant frustration. We’ve heard all about it so we decided to do something about it!

Tangibility has developed the Order Management Portal (OMP) – an innovative web portal designed to make compiling your company-wide orders much easier. 

How does it work?
An email link directs invited staff to your customised website to make their choice (size, colour, item) and submit their order. Staff receive an order confirmation and individual orders are compiled in a database totalling each size and/or type. On your selected closing date, orders are processed. When ready for delivery orders can be labelled individually - making sorting and distribution incredibly easy for you.
Numerous optional features provide flexibility to ensure the OMP can be adapted for almost any situation where responses from multiple sources are required. Whether it is one webpage or multiple webpages for different events, the OMP is designed to make your job a whole lot easier.
If you have read this far, you are probably relieved that what has always been a difficult and frustrating task will no longer feature on your To Do list. But you may be wondering what the cost will be. Zero…there is no cost to use the OMP. One of the primary goals of Tangibility is to make business as easy as possible for our clients. We’ve developed the OMP for this reason and are very excited to be offering our clients this innovative time saving method of Order Management.

If you would like more information just contact an Account Manager. They will sort it for you…free!